The more comfortable the ski boot, the more potential for fun and safety while skiing. This is the formula for a dream day on the slopes. With perfectly fitting, made-to-measure ski boots, we guarantee you maximum wearing comfort in just 3 steps.

Jeder Fuß ist anders. Kaum ein Sport macht dies so deutlich wie das Skifahren. Damit Ihr Skischuh auch garantiert nirgends drückt, bieten wir in unserem Ski-Kompetenzzentrum in Ischgl verschiedene Lösungen an.

Sport Zangerl

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Viel Erfahrung, orthopädisches Wissen und handwerkliches Know-how fließen in jeden einzelnen Schuh ein, den wir unseren Kunden auf den Fuß „schneidern“. So entsteht in wenigen Stunden ein einzigartiges Paar – 100 % made for you.

Step 01

Show your Feet

During a 360° analysis, your optimal boot size and the pressure distribution in the shoe are determined using an analogue measuring tape and a blue print. These values are then used to create the perfect outer shoe by means of a high-precision CNC milling machine.

Step 02

Handwork for feetwork

Afterwards, problem zones are carefully taped by hand, foil is applied and the finest leather is processed. Using two-component high-tech foam, the boot is formed so that it fits like a second skin, yet still has space for freedom of movement at the same time.

Step 03

A perfect match

The made-to-measure ski boots harden overnight and are perfected by hand. The next morning, a great love story begins between foot and boot – without pressure, without pain.