Are you ready?

Saturday morning.
You’ve just gotten up.
Not quite awake you toss the curtains open and light floods in.

The world outside is simply stunning, so much so that you can hardly believe your eyes. You knew it would be beautiful but this is simply next level. The garden, the rooftops, the streets, everything is blanketed in snow, which continues to fall lightly. At this moment your thoughts wander to the cellar. There, behind closed doors, your loyal winter companions await in the darkness for you to fetch them. Your skis.

The least you can do is treat them to a comprehensive service. And that’s where we come in: Your skis and snowboard are in the right hands with us. Our expert ski service  will ensure that your skis are in top form after hibernating all summer long.

Now you can hardly wait to carve your first tracks in the snow. No problem, we’ll service your skis overnight and your skis or snowboard will be ready for you early the next morning – or we’ll deliver them to your accommodation.

By the way, ski service is not only good for your skis, but also for your safety! Well-maintained equipment ensures that you’re ready to tackle slopes of all conditions. Sharp edges help give you grip on icy slopes, allowing you to glide effortless over slick surfaces. That’s why we recommend taking advantage of our services during the ski season as well to stay fit all winter long!

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6444 Ischgl
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